Highworth Holistic Health

Highworth – The Clinic is here. Holistic – the philosophy that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. [Collins concise dictionary]. Health – the status of being bodily and mentally vigorous and free from disease [Collins concise dictionary]

Highworth Holistic Health

Highworth Holistic Health is a friendly multi disciplinary community of complementary therapists.  We are situated in Newburgh Place in Highworth, just off St. Michaels Avenue.  There is free car parking behind the clinic.
Highworth is easily accessible from Lechlade, Faringdon, and the North Swindon area including Tadpole Garden Village, St Andrews Ridge, Blunsdon, and Abbey Meads. See “The centre” page for map.  If you prefer to come by bus, you can see the clinic from the “Station Road” bus stop on the number 7 bus route.
Jane Faulkes started the clinic in 2015.  She is a McTimoney chiropractor, who started work in 2004 in Swindon.  Over the years she had recognised that working together with other therapists could improve the overall patient, and practitioner experience.  So, she developed the clinic with the aim of developing a group of like minded therapists all working together under one roof.
Everyone working from here is self-employed, insured and fully qualified in their specialisation.


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Mange eldre bruker tøfler med tykk og stabil såle. Det kan øke risikoen for fallulykker. Nå har forskere en god idé.

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Barbara sustained a lumbar vertebral fracture aged 76 and was referred for a fracture and falls risk assessment. Her bone mineral density (BMD) was above the Wo

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Usual physical activity and subsequent hospital usage over 20 years in a general population: the EPIC-Norfolk cohort

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The Food Programme - Covid-19: The Food Waste Dimension. - BBC Sounds

Caught this yesterday. Really, really worth a listen.


Dan Saladino on how the crisis has resulted in vast amounts of food being lost and saved.

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Building muscle reduces the risk of cancer and stroke, boosts brainpower, burns through calories and more – it might even be better for you than cardio

Covid-19 Statement

Here at Highworth Holistic health, in view of the Corona Virus Pandemic, we have had to make significant changes to the way in which we work.

Currently, we are not able to offer our usual service, so if you are an existing, or prospective patient, we are available on the telephone or email to discuss your situation, and treatment options with you.

Telephone Jane on 07761 001 814, send her a text or email jane@janefaulkes.co.uk.

I am available Monday to Friday 3 – 6pm.

A Note on GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations

All the practitioners working from Highworth Holistic Health are self employed and are not employed by Highworth Holistic HealthHighworth Holistic Health does not have any GDPR compliance obligation for the the practitioners, they run their own GDPR compliance policies.

See the Highworth Holistic Health privacy statement HERE